Sound Design with Howard Sonnenberg Segment #1

I had the pleasure of meeting with Howard Sonnenberg, an Ottawa-based sound designer whose work has been featured in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games. Howard has close to two decades of experience designing sound in the film industry.

Howard’s love for sound design stems from his roots of being a musician. He began experimenting with sound effects and music, creating his own compositions and working on projects for friends and family. Howard’s work in Steve’s Music Store led to him working as a freelance sound designer, and his career quickly took off.

Aside from his professional work, Howard is also a passionate educator and mentor. He believes in sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of sound designers, and has taught courses and workshops on sound design at Algonquin College.

Howard’s dedication to his craft, his passion for storytelling, and his commitment to education make him a valuable member of the sound design community in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

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